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The Curse of Oak Island

By Randall Sullivan

Fans of a good treasure hunt will love this book. One of the biggest mysteries in North America is what happened on Oak Island in the 17th century to cause so many people for the next 300 years to dedicate their lives to uncovering the truth. This story has it all: pirates, Templars, Francis Bacon, cutting-edge technology, and fraudsters. Will someone find the treasure or is the island cursed? –Justin, Atlanta


Heavy: An American Memoir

By Kiese Laymon

Heavy indeed. A spare and gorgeously written memoir that is heavy in the sense of being powerful, rich, sad, intense. Heavy in the sense of being physically and metaphorically burdened, with the trauma of American racism, with the struggles of poverty, with the complex and often conflicting desires individuals have for themselves, their family and their loved ones. And yet also, heavy: that sweet and awestruck slang used when in the presence of a profound and meaningful truth. –Sara, Atlanta

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Walking the Americas

By Levison Wood

Walking from Mexico to Colombia, Levison Wood explores at a pace and level of immersion that enables him to gain and share meaningful insight into the nature and culture of the region. His exploits are fairly audacious and yet carefully planned. He seems open to trying almost anything, and talking to anyone, which results in a heartbreaking visit to a migrant camp, some raucous bar visits, a harrowing encounter with the requisite Central American drug dealers, hiking up mountains, swimming through caves, hacking through jungles, and lots of fascinating local guides. It’s perhaps Wood’s openness that makes him so compelling. His is a brand of exploration that provides armchair thrills, but would also make the world a better place if we all tried it at some level. Until then, I highly recommend reading along with him! –Sara, Atlanta


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