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Our bookseller Mike got the chance to ask one of his favorite authors five questions. Of course he couldn't stop at just five...
To find out more about Stephen King and to see a list of his books, click here.  

1. With the release of your new book The Bazaar of Bad Dreams, which do you prefer to create, short stories or novels?

Both novels and stories pose interesting challenges, and they both have their unique pleasures. Picking one over the other would be like asking a parent to pick a favorite child.
The Bazaar of Bad DreamsStephen King
The StandStephen King
CarrieStephen King

2. What was the one greatest inspirational moment in your life that spun an idea for a novel?

A favorite “aha” moment? That’s a great question. Although not particularly inspirational, I got the idea for It in a public park in Boulder, Colorado. There was a little wooden bridge over a stream, and my bootheels made a hollow clomping sound as I crossed it. I thought of the story “Three Billy Goats’ Gruff,” and the troll who lurked, asking “Who is that trip-trapping on my bridge?” From there I started thinking of how real make-believe monsters (like trolls) seem to children, and the whole novel—structure and all—just unrolled itself in my mind like a tapestry.
Stephen King quote

3. Do you feel your writing creativity has changed with each and every life experience you have lived through?

Actually, I feel that the creative spark is a constant. It feeds on life experiences, but doesn’t change because of them. It seems strangely separate from the rest of life, like a little self-replenishing flame under glass. Don’t know if that makes sense; these things are hard to talk about.
Stephen King quote

4. I can't begin to imagine the stress of fame. What secrets do you have that keep you so grounded and in touch with normalcy?

My family keeps me grounded, and most strangers who recognize me and come up to say hello are nice and respectful of my privacy. I have never felt famous. The concept is a little dizzying.
Stephen King quote

5. Having successfully written horror, science fiction, fantasy, and even crime novels, is there a genre you have not touched but are chomping at the bit to try?

No particular genre I’d like to try, but I’d love to take a shot at finishing The Mystery of Edwin Drood. Having never read any of the pastiches, it would be fun to see what I could come up with.

6. From AC/DC to The Ramones, musical quotes have played a big part in your novels. How much of your musical taste influences your writing?

I like rock and roll because it appeals directly to the emotions. I like that in what I read, and always try to do it in what I write. I guess I’d say that I aim for strength and simplicity, which is the core of good rock and roll.
Stephen King quote

7. How much say do you have in the final product of a movie adaption to one of your novels?

If I’m not involved in a particular film adaptation, I stay strictly hands off.

8. Has there been an actor or actress that you feel has nailed one of your characters in a motion picture?

Three great female performances in stuff of mine: Sissy Spacek in Carrie, Dee Wallace in Cujo, and of course Kathy Bates in Misery.
To find out more about Stephen King and to see a list of his books, click here.
Wednesday, October 21, 2015 - 12:30pm