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Thank you for your interest in distribution through Hudson. We are always looking for new and worthwhile titles to distribute in our stores throughout the United States and Canada. However, our stores are small and our shelf space is limited so we reject the vast majority of submitted titles. We carry a passionately curated selection from most major categories with a focus on current, past, and future potential bestsellers. Note that we do not automatically carry any titles, regardless of bestseller status with The New York Times, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, USA Today, etc. We consider which have the best sales potential in the airport market and will give the best return on our space investment as well as enhancing our overall brand statement.
When considering titles, we are looking for:
  • Unique and timely content
  • Subjects that have proven to be of interest to Hudson customers 
  • Professionalism inside and out, including
    • Rigorous editorial process 
    • Appropriate and attractive layout 
    • High quality images and graphics, professionally reproduced
    • Attractive and compelling cover image 
  • Competitive retail price with similar titles and a discount that matches or exceeds industry standards 
  • Suitable size and weight for carry-on bags  
We will not consider books with typographical or grammatical errors or if your query letter or other submitted materials have them. We also will not consider product that is stapled together or photocopied.
Please note that we rely upon the publishers and authors to bring attention to their titles through review attention, marketing, and publicity to drive customers into the store – just being on the shelf is not enough.
At this time, we generally do not buy direct from publishers or authors but rather get our stock from specific wholesalers. There must be a very compelling reason(s) to go outside our standard channels of distribution. We also do not carry titles published through Amazon.
The process of curating our title selection is highly subjective and we know that we won’t get it right every time but we make our decisions based on our sales history and our collective experience, which is extensive. It is possible that your book meets all of these criteria but we are already fully stocked with comparable titles and with limited space we just can’t carry everything.

In the same package include marketing and publicity plans, any sales information you care to share, and your email address. Do not contact individual stores about submissions or leave books at any stores.
If you would like the book returned, you must include a size appropriate envelope or box that is self-addressed and postage-paid.  Be sure to include your email address with your submission. All books not returned to their source will be discarded.
We also have a website whose titles come from Ingram’s database and may be different from the inventory of our physical stores. 
We deal with finished products only. We do not publish books or provide publishing or marketing advice. Due to the volume of submissions we receive, we are not able to provide personal feedback about your title.
If you believe your title meets all of our requirements please send a finished copy to:
Hudson Group
One Meadowlands Plaza
East Rutherford, NJ  07073
Attention:  Book Submissions
Replies will come from