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Fourth Wing cover image

Fourth Wing

By Rebecca Yarros

This is a book that everyone and their mother’s brother has heard of, and for good reason. Violet Sorrengail is forced into Basgiath War College by her mother, the General, and continually fights to the death against her classmates to become stronger than the rest. Their ultimate goal is to bond with a dragon and to survive their training. Xaden Riorson is Violet’s wingleader and sworn enemy, but what they don’t know is how fate has linked them together. This viscerally charged romance fantasy will have you hooked from page one. -Crystal, Denver



Chain Gang All Stars cover image

Chain Gang All Stars

By Nana Kwame Adjei-Brenyah

Chain Gang All Stars unfurls with relentless intensity, drawing you into a high-stakes world where survival is paramount and alliances are forged under the weight of life-or-death decision. Mirroring the heart-pounding tension and socio-political complexities of The Hunger Games but with its own distinctive path, Chain Gang All Stars offers a gripping read for fans of moral dilemmas and high-stakes competitions. -Russell, New Jersey


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2023 BOOK of the YEAR

Fourth Wing cover image

Fourth Wing

By Rebecca Yarros

There is a reason this book went viral and is on everyone’s “Best Of” lists. Fourth Wing has something for everyone: fantasy, action, romance, a strong female lead and yes-dragons! I don’t ordinarily read this genre, but maybe Fourth Wing has changed that for me-I found this book thoroughly engaging and entertaining. From a pulse-pounding start to an ending that has me eagerly awaiting the sequel, Fourth Wing delivered on all levels! -Paige, New Jersey


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