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Would your school like to get great discounts on books AND money back?  Join the Hudson School Outreach Program!

  • 20% discount off the list price of any books on our website for students, faculty, and families 
  • 10% back to the school for any purchases made through a customized affiliate link
  • Customized school page with required reading or recommendations
  • Additional bulk discounts for teachers

Frequently Asked Questions:


How do we get the discount?

Once you decide to enroll in the School Outreach Program, we will create a customized coupon code for your school.  It will be something that is easy to remember and relevant to your school.  For instance, if your school is Davis Elementary, your coupon code would be DAVIS20.  You can share this code with friends and family.  This discount does not combine with other discounts - the best discount will be taken from the list price.  The coupon code can be entered on the checkout page when you are ready to make your purchase.

Does this program apply to eBooks?

No.   While eBooks are sold on our website, they are available through Kobo, a third party provider.  At this time we are unable to offer discounts or track affiliate sales through Kobo. 

How do we apply for an affiliate link?

Before you complete our Online Enrollment, you must be a registered user of Hudson Booksellers.  You can create a user account here.  Once you have created an account and are logged in, you can complete the application process and read the user agreement here.

How does the affiliate link work?

It is a simple and straightforward process. Once your application is approved, just log into your account and click on the affiliate center to generate the link to our website and copy and paste a block of HTML code into your website. (You can create a hyperlink to your customized school page or to the Hudson Booksellers home page. The choice is yours.) When a visitor to your website clicks on your Hudson Booksellers hyperlink, they will enter the Hudson Booksellers website, where they can order books, read interesting articles, get information about store events, and more. All books ordered directly by visitors that come to Hudson Booksellers by way of your website are tracked, so that you will receive a commission for each sale.

Read more about the affiliate program at

Are you able to track sales for the affiliate program through the coupon code?

No.  While the coupon code and affiliate link can be used together, all purchases that qualify for the 10% school rebate must be made through the customized affiliate link.

What will you put on our customized school page?

Anything you want!  If your school has summer reading or required reading throughout the school year, we can create a page with links to those selections.  Click on the Walton High School page for an example of how we can customize your page with required reading.  The school is responsible for e-mailing us updated required reading lists each semester at  If you don't have required reading, we can keep your page fresh with new and popular selections for your school's age ranges, along with a message to your school's community. Or you can skip the customized school page altogether, and just link to our homepage.

What are the bulk discounts for teachers?

Buying books for the classroom can get expensive!  We'd like to help you out.  Purchases of 15-49 of the same title will receive a 25% discount and free shipping, 50-99 of the same title will receive a 30% discount and free shipping, and 100+ of the same title will receive a 40% discount and free shipping.  Bulk discounts do not combine with other discounts or offers.  Excludes textbooks and other short discount items.  To make a bulk purchase, submit your order normally and leave a note in the comment field with your school name.  We will manually adjust your order to reflect the bulk discount and free shipping, and send you an updated invoice along with an estimated arrival time for your purchase.  If you would like to ask about the availability of a title in bulk, feel free to e-mail us at

I have a question that isn't listed above.

No problem - ask away! Send us an e-mail at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.